Huzzah, we did it!

This site has been in the works for a solid 1-2 months by this point. With our recent growth, we realized (as we'd suspected initially, but had already invested in the forum solution) that it doesn't make sense to fragment our community when Discord has clearly become the hub for our outside-server communication, both between players, and from staff. The forum was very pretty and clean, but it just wasn't efficient to try building a community on two forum-like platforms.

So then, this new website serves a few different use cases:

  • An announcement platform, similar to #announcements in Discord. We're gonna attempt to keep them up to date in parity, at least for large announcements, changelogs, and the likes.
  • A better, more optimized SEO platform. This new site has much more polished exposure and mapping tools that we think will boost our search rankings even further.
  • A general hub for voting, forms, help guides, social media, and our store. An easy place you can come to to reach just about anything about us.

We hope you like it! Thanks for being awesome.