These rules can and will be updated whenever necessary, and you're expected to abide by them at all times.

1️⃣ Have common sense. Don't be excessively inflammatory, rude, rageful or spread needless drama. We're here to have fun, let's keep it that way.

Rule 1 Expansion:
Keep political discussion and discourse to a minimum. This includes but is not limited to: political movements, laws, government, sex, gender, religion, etc. We take no official stances other than we accept all people of all backgrounds, and we expect players to observe that as well. Any punishment taken after a violation of this has nothing to do with your stance in particular, but rather simply the violation of this guideline. We also reserve the right to punish unevenly depending on which party violated this more egregiously.

2️⃣ No exploits, cheats, or automation clients/software. Cheater cheater pumpkin eater.

Rule 2 Expansion:
Regarding automation clients: this can and will be enforced strictly or loosely depending on a variety of factors, namely server population. In times of low player count, we won't combat "reconnect" and anti-afk clients as aggressively as we would with a higher player count. They're always discouraged, but in the interest of player retention during certain times, exceptions will be made. Cheats and exploits will always be punished to the fullest extent.

3️⃣ No advertising or spam. Ain't nobody tryna hear that.

4️⃣ No begging. This includes, but is not limited to: items, ranks, OP, staff.

5️⃣ No racial slurs. Bad troll.

Rule 5 Expansion:
Language is ever evolving, and so is the societal view of certain words. Obviously, for example, racial slurs will always be prohibited and punished to the fullest extent, but some more rather "inappropriate" words may not be. In addition to this, we recognize there is nuance between simple banter between friends, and targeted harassment/trolling. Any perceived favoritism, double standards, etc, is almost certainly because of this nuance, and effort will always be taken to differentiate between the two.

6️⃣ No griefing. This includes, but is not limited to: killing animals, breaking blocks, blowing stuff up, stealing items.

7️⃣ No DMing of staff other than Admins or Owners for help or support. Mods and Helpers reserve the right to ignore any and all DMs. Check #🔔│announcements pins for more information.

8️⃣ All spawners must be stacked. You may have a separate spawner for every mob type, e.g. a pig spawner stack, a cow spawner stack, etc.

9️⃣ "Disappearing" items will not be given back. There's often no way to verify these rare occurrences.

Rule 9 Expansion:
We're aware that these things actually do happen, and we're deeply sorry if it does, but unfortunately it's just not feasible to reimburse for many reasons. Not only is it nearly impossible to reproduce or verify, it also poses a risk to the economy. We've had many instances of players lying and abusing our previous moderate stance in the past. Responding to these requests also takes a disproportionate amount of time that could otherwise be spent trying to improve the server and add more content. If you do experience something like this, feel free to still let us know, but we'll treat it as a bug report, and items won't be given back unless we can be 100% certain and replicate the issue.