• Bedrock player prefix has been changed to '+'
• Added 1.17 client support
• Reformatted many CE items
• New AuctionHouse plugin
• On join, Boosters will now check to see if a player is standing on a block, flight is automatically enabled if otherwise
• Added GUI scale warnings to /store
• Coinflip announce threshold has been raised to $1,000,000
[item] is now back to its proper glory, and even fancier than before
• RSB's custom resource pack is now required to play on the server. Currently, this doesn't contain much, but over time it will.
• Coinflips added
•  WallHacks are now only usable on your personal island
• Added enchant glow to Boosters and Crate Key menus
• CE's have returned with new balancing and additions
• Bedrock players can now connect with, port 19132
• MobCoin CE prices reverted back to normal (a new normal, some were re-adjusted)
• Made some modifications to stacking, spawner stack limit has been removed, and mob stack limit is now 50,000. More changes will be coming to strike a performance balance

• Fixed some CE typos
• Removed CEs Missile and Hell Fire
• Redstone now properly disables spawners