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    What is the unique element of our SkyBlock?

    Every 15 seconds, an item will automatically be deposited into your inventory. The only way to obtain commodities (wood, iron, goal, coal, etc.) is through random generation, this includes auto item generation, randonauts in /warp PVP, crates at /warp Crate, and /mcshop. Ultimately, the gamemode aims to require grinding rather than being able to purchase whatever you want. You can still purchase commodities with /shop, but these are overpriced.

    Additionally to random item generation, key shards will fall from the sky towards you. It's smart to keep yourself above a large surface to prevent these from falling off the map.

    What is voting?

    Voting on Minecraft servers is one of the main avenues in which they can gain players and exposure. There's a good chance you found our server on a voting list! For those who aren't familiar however, websites like minecraftservers.org accumulate massive lists of servers to be ranked and displayed for players to search for and find what they're looking for. By voting for a server (using /vote and following the link), you increase it's ranking allowing more players to discover. It takes less than a couple minutes to vote on every website and in return, you get items on our server in return like Mob Coins and Key Shards! The top voter of the month gets a LOT of extra goodies, so be sure to vote every day you can!

    What are some good common commands to know?

    /is (Opens your island GUI)
    /msg (name) (msg) (Message the specified name)
    /bal (Gives your current balance)
    /dd (Disable/enable random drops)
    /shop (Open the server shop GUI)
    /boosters (Opens the booster menu)
    /boosters live (Tells you which boosters are active)
    /warp PVP (Takes you to the PVP zone)
    /pay (name) (amt) (Pays the specified player w/ the specified amount)
    /shards (Opens the Key Shard welder menu)
    /warp Crates (Spend your earned keys here)
    /ci (Clears your inventory)
    /buy (Opens the Buycraft store GUI)
    /ignore (player) (Disables messages from specified player)

    How is our economy structured?

    You can earn money by selling crops or drops. The only way to obtain farm items is through random generation. Dirt is a commodity and should be greatly valued. You can sell stack of items with /sell hand, or using /shop and navigating through the inventory. Money can also be earned through crates at /warp Crate, and by player transactions, with alternatives like /ah (AuctionHouse) and personal transactions.

    What are shards?

    Key shards are items that can be found through randonauts at /warp PVP or randomly falling from the sky while playing the server. If you see a message that says "A LOUD ROARING IS HEARD IN THE DISTANCE!" a key shard has spawned above you. You can combine 15 key shards using /shards to make full keys that are redeemable at /warp Crates!

    What are custom enchantments?

    Custom enchants are additional enchants aside from Minecraft's vanilla. These can be purchased with EXP in /ce. Purchasing an enchant book gives you a random enchant of the specified tier. The enchant will come with a "Success Rate," which is the percent chance the enchantment will be applied. It will also come with a "Destroy Rate," which is a percent chance the item will be destroyed during the application process. You can view all available enchants with /enchants. If you want to prevent an item from destroyed, you can obtain a White Scroll which acts as an application shield and will prevent the item from being destroyed, even if the application fails.

    Dusts are obtained through exchanging weak enchantments into the Tinkerer's inventory. These can be used to increase the success chance on enchantment books. These can also be combined with other dusts using the Alchemist. The Alchemist is a trader that is able to combine two enchantment books of the same level into one with a higher level. You can also combine magic dusts to create higher leveled dusts.

    Black Scrolls are rare scrolls that allow you randomly extract a 100% success rate enchant from and item. You cannot choose which enchant is extracted.

    What are our PVP offerings?

    PVP is mainly done at /warp PVP. You will periodically notice that Randonauts have spawned in the PVP zone. These are loot-filled NPCs that you can find spread throughout the warzone. If you die in the warzone, you will lose all of your items. KoTHs and Outposts are an upcoming update that will promote a scheduled time for loot rewarding events. Items found in KoTHs are typically assumed to be extremely overpowered. Outposts will offer special island boosts that boosters won't offer.

    What are boosters?

    Boosters are boosts that apply to your entire island. They consist of Mob Coins, fly, money, and EXP. Mob coin, money, and EXP boosts double earned values. The fly booster allows any non-ranked players in your island to fly. You can purchase boosters in the server shop with /shop, /warp Crates, /buy, and /mcshop. You can view live boosters for your island with /boosters live.

    What are Mob Coins?

    Mob Coins are a currency that are randomly deposited into your inventory through killing mobs. You can view the current mobs & percent chance that will result in a mob coin being dropped through the /mcshop inventory. You can use mob coins to purchase rare server goods with /mcshop. The items in the mob coin shop will automatically change to new items every 24 hours. The items on the left side are seasonal and will be consistent.